Double Wear Double Trouble

I’ve always considered myself happy to be on the safe side when it comes to makeup. I don’t look to become the next Patrick Ta or Sir John (in fact I needed to google “Top 15 makeup artists” just to get those names, and then spell check). So when the opportunity arose to partner with Estee Lauder on their Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation¬†campaign, I was almost cornered into opening my mascara-less eyes to the big bad world of makeup. Receiving my little blue bag in the mail, I pulled out four gold lined tubes – concealer, mist, foundation and glow. Now….to figure out which goes on first.

Quick phone a friend (Thanks Eddy), and I had my friend and makeup artist Abbey Love in the Makeup Hotseat to help guide the way. Take a look at the video to watch her application step-by-step, or check it out my Instagram. PS. the mist definitely goes on last.

Now that I have a perfect base coverage to work with, I will feel more confident experimenting with the smokiest of smoky eyes, or the conniest of contours.

Video by Josephine Willcox

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