Before I start, I need to inform you that this post isn’t fashion or travel related. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Samantha really isn’t that fashionable and none of her posts have really progressed past the NSW/VIC border anyway…”, to that I say “good spotting and you’ve presented a valid point”.
Regardless, I read a little article today about a few small steps to make yourself happy, & in my opinion a beautiful smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. (shit I’m deep).  Anyway, this article provided some useful info, so I’ve just copy/pasted it below…
I have put it into a little summary though, which still may lead to some form of copyright infringement – sue me. I hear orange is in anyway.
– Wake up with Purpose: Get up in the morning with a list of goals you wish to achieve that day. Manage them into easy tasks, and something a little more challenging to push yourself past your ordinary. As this progresses, you should also make a list of goals you wish to accomplish in the week, month, year. 
– Exercise: Endorphines and the etc, we all know you need to do it. Everyone has been there, sitting on the bed in slippers and ALL you need to do is change into runners but holy shit that seems like a process. JUST DO IT (nike). JUST DO IT. You will get into a routine after a while and it becomes infectious, will start to affect the things you want to eat as well.
– Be Selfless, But Be Selfish: Be kind to others, everyone has drama in their life whether or not they display it openly. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand. However a personal struggle is lending a helping hand with the expectation that I will see the same in return. Don’t do this. Do things for others BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. Don’t expect. Mannnn just don’t expect. You will feel so much better when people surprise you with their generosity.
– Appreciate: If you have the ability to read this post then I’d imagine you already have so much to be grateful for. You obviously have eyes, technology, a home, the ability to read. Shit, how many people don’t even have that? Just pull yourself back from reality and realise that you have a whole lot to appreciate. Write it down and read it daily if that helps. 
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Photography: Mitch Fong
Styling: Ebanny Dwyer
Strawberry smeared on my face: Also, Ebanny Dwyer